• Moving billboards

    Our 'Moving Billboards' reach families and professionals on their vehicles, locals going to their work, women when shopping, students going to schools, and tourists finding their way around town.

  • Maps and Booklets

    We offer great value for money products at well below market costs, so as to assist even the smallest of companies to gain the benefits available to larger companies with larger advertising Budgets.

  • Internal advertising

    TV spots on screens inside the bus. It delivers a varied audience. Promotion on all buses. Limited number of advertisers. Covers all routes in Paphos. 15’’ to 30’’ per advertising spot

Who We Are

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Our company offers the most efficient and professional Moving Outdoor Campaigns to our customers operating throughout Paphos.

We have the exclusivity of the advertising and promotion of all buses of the Paphos Transport Organization. The company is specializing in the revolutionary moving outdoor arena with focus on Outdoor Moving Bus Advertising and the Bus Advertising Services of Ticketing Advertising, Bus TV-Screen advertising spots, Bus FREE Paphos Map and bus FREE Route Booklet.

Dario Advertising is in a unique position allowing us to offer the most efficient and professional Moving Outdoor Campaigns to our customers operating throughout Paphos. This unique method of advertising is more easily accessible than the traditional media formats as our Buses are on the road every day (up to 16 hours per day) covering all different areas in Paphos Town and Paphos District as well as all prime tourist areas and the Paphos Airport transfers.

On the same time, Dario Advertising Ltd is able to offer the best outdoor advertising media available in Cyprus with an associated portfolio of high impact Signs, Pisas, Super Pisas, Giant Pisas, Tri-Vision Signs and Bus Stop signs.

Why advertising...

with Dario Advertising Ltd?

The leading bus transport Service Company in Paphos

More than 4.000.000 passengers per year

Advertising with the highest exposure factor

Buses goes where people goes

An involuntary medium (it cannot be turned off, tuned out or thrown away)

Total market Penetration

Unbeatable reach and frequency

Covering all Prime location areas

Exclusivity in School Transfer for the following 15 years

Up to 18 hours mobile promotion per day (6500 hours per year)

A large fleet of 100 new and modern buses

Large display areas and high visibility



Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many buses are required to achieve campaign objectives?

A. For long term awareness campaigns, one to five advertisements can be extremely effective. However, if you wish to dominate a particular region it is best to look at your coverage as a percentage of the total fleet operating in your area. Coverage of five percent is a lightweight campaign, while ten percent coverage provides a heavyweight campaign.

Q. What advertisements options best suit different types of products or services?

A. All types of bus advertisements achieve solid awareness; however some types allow more specific targeting of potential customers. For example, driving schools can use the front driver side of school buses to target school children, while car retailers can use "Back side" to target drivers.

Q. How long should the advert run to maximize exposure?

A. We recommend continuous, ongoing advertising to build and maintain awareness. Twelve month campaigns are standard.


Terms and Conditions

Advertiser must arrange and pay for the design–printing-production and installation of signs on each bus.
Advertising message has to be complied according to Cyprus relevant Laws
Official contract has to be signed between Parties Concerned

For pricing please contact us at (357) 97 776 090

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